Are you great at starting new biz things but not necessarily great at “finishing”?

Overwhelm can easily stop you from achieving success (and completing your marketing and lead gen to-do list) so let's kick it to the curb TOGETHER during your


Truth time…

You know your ideal clients are online. And you know they’re searching for what you

teach and help with – through your content and offers.’re not sure what to say about your services that will get them to recognize

they need you.

You're good at doing “the work of the work” with your clients but are still struggling to

figure out the marketing and lead generation part.

“Guessing” what to create…? That doesn’t work.

Having a clear & specific niche, combined with a thoughtfully crafted outcome is what

helps you to create an winning offer stack that is memorable and different! When you try to be

everything to everyone, you actually become nothing to anyone. Clarity enables you to connect

more easily with your ideal audience & in turn, sell more services and make a bigger impact.

Are you ready to turn confusion into clarity so you can attract your perfect-fit clients?


1:1 Private Session

Done With You

It’s not about showing up, it’s about knowing what to do when you’re there. One of the biggest wins I help get my clients to is…doing the damn thing.

#1: The Intensive starts with an audit of your online presence, offers and funnels so we know where the gaps are.

#2: The next step is a 90-minute laser-focused, results-oriented, Zoom session, we’ll roll up our sleeves and:

☑️Clarify your niche and their needs

☑️Clarify your offers, price + bonuses

☑️Clarify your multi-channel content strategy

Most importantly, we will clarify your unique message so we can optimize your online presence – together.

#3: You’ll walk away with:

🔘 A visibility strategy and easy to implement multi-channel content plan

🔘 The knowledge and confidence to put all of this into action as you grow your business over time.

🔘The recording you can access the co-working session again and again


#4: You'll have me as your back-pocket coach for the next two weeks via Slack to make sure you get your questions answered as you work through your plan.

#5: Plus, we’ll schedule a 30-minute Q&A and accountability call for a couple of weeks later… to be CERTAIN that you implement what you’ve learned – and that you feel confident and supported as you do that.


Your Confusion to Clarity VIP Intensive Includes:

Pre-Intensive Questionnaire

Audit of online presence, offers and funnels ($300 value)

90 Minute Private Zoom Session ($900 value)

Visibility Strategy + Content Implementation Plan ($300 value)

AI Prompts to Create All Type of Content ($50 value)

Slack Access for Two Weeks ($2000 value)

30 Minute Follow-Up Call ($250 value)

Simple, effective Plus Much needed clarity

"Joyce's process is simple, effective, and gave me the much-needed clarity I've been needing in my business. Not only did I get past being stuck, but I also got a step-by-step plan and confidence boost to put my plan into action. " ~Jenny

How do I schedule, and what happens next?

To secure your 1:1 session, hit that “secure” button, pay your invoice, and book a time that’s good for you.

Shortly after booking, you’ll receive a separate email with your pre-session questionnaire. It should take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete and will provide me with important information about your ideal audience, your goals, your content, etc. You can complete it when it’s convenient, but be sure it’s done before our session.

What if I'm still working on getting clear on my ideal audience?

Actually, this VIP intensive has helped clients GET that clarity. Instead of focusing on what you are selling, we are going to start with what your ideal clients are searching for – around your topics and expertise – and work backward. You get the best marketing results when you have that ideal audience clarity.

What if I'm still not sure if this session is the right fit for me?

I want you to feel sure! Send me an email at [email protected] – and let me know what your questions are and we can chat.

“Your brand is the reason people choose you over competitors. It's that simple.”

My official titles business coach, author, and all-in-one strategist for coaches and service based businesses. I help clients attract and connect with their ideal clients online using simple social systems so they can generate more leads and make a bigger impact.....without overwhelm.

Having launched my current business during the last recession and with over 25 years of varied business experience, I learned how to purposefully pivot to capitalize on trends and has seen—and experienced first-hand—the power of connection and its ability to transform lives and compel people to action in a way that propels their brand and business forward.

I'm on a mission to help coaches, like you, grow your business online while saving money, time, and most of all - your sanity.

- JOYCE LAYMAN, Founder of the Layman Collective

Taking time to get clarity with your niche, your offers and your multi-channel marketing plan is a gift you'll give to your future self.

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